"Strength in Numbers Creates Wealth"

The Trailblazing Wine Club

The Trailblazing Wine Club isn’t your average wine club. It’s a whole lot more than that.

For just €275 a year, our Adventurer membership will allow you to enjoy a 25% retail discount on every single bottle of club wine you buy from us. If you drink your fair share of wine, that discount’s paid for your membership straight away.

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Our Story

Starting out as less than an idea, rather a sense of something larger nearby, Viral Angels was created from many years of experience in the small-cap financial industry.

Adding the element of online viral media was the next natural step in the evolution of the venture capital industry. By joining forces with all our members, Viral Angels can influence growing businesses in a positive direction.

Our Services

Viral Angels is a closed members club. The club is owned by the members, and we provide our members with the ability to participate in corporate finance activities including public listings and crowd funding. The club takes a stake in each case it works, and distributes the shares in each case to its members, in accordance with their financial participation.

We provide companies with additional free floating shareholders, an entry step to going public and access to venture capital.

The Community

Joining the ViralAngels means obtaining access to our exclusive internal market place. Here members may buy and sell shares directly between each other. In addition, you may take place in our crowd funding opportunities.

Viral Angels Credit Union
Box 1268
131 28 Nacka Strand
Entity number: 769626-6357