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    Business of Trig Media Group AB

    Trig Media Group AB is the main owner of Trig social Media AB “TSM”. TSM manages and operates an international Social Media Platform under the brand Coupled to the platform is a unique, and partly patented application, income generator with trade name Trig Money.

    The ultimate goal with the platform is to create a forum that through various interesting content products attract members and tempt them to regular use. These include, Trig TV, Trig Music, Trig Daily Dish, trig Gaming, Trig Social, and Trig Me.

    The income sources are twofold. Firstly in the usual form of various advertisement fees and secondly in the form of TrigMoney’s unique cash back generator that generates commission from retailers, by directing clients to them and which in turn creates a cash back to a member as soon as a member makes a purchase in any retailer with which Trig has an agreement. Already more than 1,000 prestigious shops around the world are connected to Trig.

    Business concept and vision

    The web site is a global social media platform designed as a social communication platform for life. Our goal is to deliver to our users a service:

    o   Where users can communicate seamlessly across borders in the language of their choice;

    o   Where users with similar interests can exchange ideas and information;

    o   Where news and information can be provided freely and without bias;

    o   Where entertainment can be received from their country of origin;

    o   Where this content is available free wherever the user is located;

    o   Where our user, for free, can receive cash refunds as they shop online by using our cash refund application TrigMoney. We have a primary interest in protecting the data of our users and in this way we will always maintain;

    o   That the data and images belong to our users;

    o   We will never use this information for marketing purposes;

    o   We will never license or sell this data to any advertiser;

    o   We will organize the transfer of information over the Internet in a manner that we can to keep the information secure from the prying eyes of government’s:

    o   We will protect the purity of children and minimize the potential of them being exposed to grooming and or unseemly images of any kind.

    Financial goals

    Trig Media Group AB´s financial goal is to create and realize value for their shareholders primarily through value growth of their subsidiary Trig Social Media AB (publ) in connection with the forthcoming listing of Trig social Media AB on the Frankfurt stock exchange.


    The Trig Group will as a part of their growth strategy focus on finding suitable acquisition candidates with which to grow its business globally.


    Investments will be financed through the taking of bank loans and equity. In order to seize market opportunities the Group may enter into joint ventures with established players.




    Board of Directors


    Tony Norman, Chairman Peter Kusendahl
    Tomas Björkman Tobias Ekelin

    Files and Documents

  • HEYHEY Released on iPhone


    Trig Social Media AB is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary Trig Entertainment AB has released the iPhone version of their instant messenger application HEYHEY.

    The application is now available for download from the App Store.

    Read more » Breaks New Unique Visitors Record


    Trig Media Group is pleased to announce that the monthly unique visitors to their social media platform,, have passed 1 million for the first time. 

    Trig, a social media platform for life, also recently introduced (via s soft launch) their Instant Messenger product HEYHEY for Android phones and is seeing it grow organically in a very positive manner.

    A full launch will proceed in late June with the release of the IOS version.

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    Trig Entertainment AB enters the world of music


    Trig Social Media AB is pleased to announce that its subsidiary Trig Entertainment AB will release its long awaited re-emergence into the world of Music.

    Trig Entertainment commenced its life as a music social media platform but has now reinvented itself as a broad social media platform where its focus is on interacting with its users and there daily lives.

    So we now announce Trig music is back again.

    It will have an extensive for-free playlist and be available in the first instance on

    It will shortly thereafter be added to HEYHEY, Trig's instant messaging system. In addition it will be delivered as a stand alone application.

    All of these versions are being introduced in order to access a wide variety of markets and to service the choices made by the differing demographic of each user group.

    The launch of the initial element will be at an event in Gothenburg, Sweden, on Saturday the 31st of May.

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    "HEYHEY" just about to launch on Android


    Trig Social Media AB (public ) and its wholly owned subsidiary Trig Entertainment AB are pleased to announce that its Instant message application “HEYHEY” will be available for download for Android phones from friday 23rd of may.

    This free to download product adds to the range of social media from TRIG. Trig will add user engagement features to this application to interest and excite users of all ages. HEYHEY is designed for easy communication by users in all countries with a focus on real social media in action “saying hello".

     You can download HEYHEY for Android here.

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    Trig Media Group Announcing New Listing Vehicle


    Dear Members,

    Trig Media Group AB (Public) is pleased to announce that it has formed Trig Social Media AB (public) (TSM) to act as the listing Vehicle. Accordingly it has located Trig Entertainment AB as a subsidiary of TSM.

    The respective Audits have been completed by the companies auditor PWC which will allow for the completion of the Listing prospectus. TSM anticipates that this prospectus will be filed with the Swedish authorities shortly.

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    Dear VA member,

    We are pleased to announce the introduction of many new stores in our current countries of operation of ZebraPays.

    We will be announcing an exciting income plan at the Portugal conference. In order that you do not miss out please register at and then from the your home page download the ZebraPays application by pressing the down load button. 

    Financial freedom started with you joining VA now with the Zebra you can accelerate your income Freedom and do that for FREE.


    Phillip Cook

    Trig Entertainment AB


    ZebraPays Logo

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    Press Release Zebrapays new patented feature


    ZebraPays Logo

    ZebraPays is on the run!

    Trig’s product offering ZebraPays is on the run and is stampeding across the online shopping world. With the filing of our new patented features we are able to release our new product engine with hover feature.

    Click here for more information and to download the browser app.

    The browser application works in following browsers; Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Look for expanded functionality and additional browsers in the near future as well.

    Happy shopping!

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    With a non-intrusive and omni-present browser application the consumer will share the affiliate revenue paid out by participating online merchants.

    The consumer will have to actively decide not to use Trig Money to avoid participating in our value proposition, providing close to 100% of the deal-flow to our channels.

    Tillagat, Posh life offers inspirational content from our editors as well as user generated content.


    Inspirational content that adds stickiness with the reader/consumer in the areas of cooking, fashion, travel and lifestyle will be joined by other content types going forward. combines these compelling features with a 'mash up' tool to manage all your social presence online (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc).


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Trig Media Group AB

Short Description

TSM offers a combined online shopping refund tool with a social twist.


CEO Tony Norman
Cylindervägen 12
Box 1268
131 28 Nacka Strand
Segment VA Prime
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Name Trig Media Group AB
Short name TMG
ISIN SE0001783325
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Trade start 2013-08-01
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Entity number 556654-3707
Country SE
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Viral Angels Credit Union
Box 1268
131 28 Nacka Strand
Entity number: 769626-635